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Certifications ISO 13485:2016 | AS9100D | ITAR | FDA Registered | CAGE Code 5TTR7 

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GD&T Best Practices resource center
Engineering Blog

Improve your Part Quality & Cost with these 10 GD&T Best Practices

GD&T is an important piece of that OEM-supplier communication and the critical link between design and manufacturability. It provides a common language for engineers and manufacturers to ensure that parts and assemblies are produced correctly, consistently, and affordably.

Blog - Onshore Machining Partner
Procurement Blog

5 Benefits of Choosing an Onshore Machining Partner

By partnering with an onshore machining supplier, companies can achieve greater control over their manufacturing processes, ensuring higher quality and more reliable delivery of their products.

Blog - Hirsh attends LSI Summit
Thought leadership Blog

Hirsh Precision attends 2024 LSI Emerging Medtech Summit

Earlier this spring, Hirsh Precision's leadership and business development team attended the 2024 LSI Emerging Medtech Summit in California. Vice President of Business Development Ty Finnell and President and CEO Peter Doyle represented Hirsh Precision at the summit.

PR - FDA Registration
Updates Press release

Hirsh Precision achieves FDA Registration for Medical Device Manufacturing

This milestone underscores Hirsh's dedicating to meeting the stringent quality and regulatory requirements of the medical device industry and enhancing service to medical device OEM customers.


PR - Ty Finnell named VP Business Development
Updates Press release

Ty Finnell joins Hirsh Precision as Vice President of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development, Finnell will play a pivotal role in developing Hirsh Precision's dedicated sales team, as well as spearhead strategic initiatives to drive overall business growth.

PR - Grand Opening
Updates Press release

Hirsh Precision Announces Grand Opening of New Headquarters

Concluding extensive renovations and the consolidation of its Colorado operations into one location, Hirsh Precision officially announces the grand opening date of its new headquarters. 

PR - Facility Relocation
Updates Press release

Hirsh Precision Completes Facility Relocation to Frederick, CO

Hirsh Precision opens its new headquarters just north of Denver along the I-25 corridor. The  65,000 square-foot space includes the production floor, office space, and a dedicated training and development area. 

Whitepaper - Agile QMS
Quality Whitepaper

Hirsh Precision's Agile & Flexible Quality Management System

Quality is critical, but agility and efficiency allow us to keep pace with our OEM customers and grow alongside. This whitepaper details how we designed and implemented a QMS that enables growth and agility, without compromising compliance or regulation adherence. 

Case Study - DFM lowers TCO
Engineering Case study

DFM Lowers Customer's Total Cost of Ownership

Hirsh's engineering team collaborated with our customer to make their part manufacturable and ramp to production

Case Study - Technology Investments enable Supply Chain Consolidation
Procurement Case study

Technology Investments enable Supply Chain Consolidation

We employed our "invest ahead" mindset, manufacturability feedback, and machining technology to extend the product's life and enhance safety

Case Study - Proactive Vendor Management
Procurement Case study

Proactive Vendor Management protects Customer from Supply Chain Risk

COVID-19 disrupted our customer's access to a sole-sourced material from Asia, resulting in drastically increased lead times and prices

Case Study - Material Sourcing Services eliminate SC Disruption
Procurement Case study

Material Sourcing Services eliminate Supply Chain Disruption

We procured a suitable replacement for the material that the customer was not aware of prior to the shortage, eliminating any disruptions to the annual production schedules and meeting in-field servicing needs

Case Study - Collaboration leads to Scaled Production
Procurement Case study

Collaboration with Hirsh leads to Automated, Scaled Production

Hirsh Precision developed a new machine and an automated process to increase throughput, process consistency, and part quality

Blog - AS9100D Certified_ITAR Registered
Quality Blog

Hirsh Precision is AS9100D Certified, ITAR Registered

This milestone underscores Hirsh's dedicating to meeting the stringent quality and regulatory requirements of the medical device industry and enhancing service to medical device OEM customers.


Blog - Customer-Centric CI Program
Procurement Blog

Designing a Customer-Centric Continuous Improvement Culture

Our culture of continuous improvement allows Hirsh to be more agile, adapting to our customers’ changing needs and requirements and strengthening the resilience and performance of the supply chain at the same time.

PR - Annette Siverling named Director of Quality
Updates Press release

Annette Siverling named Director of Quality at Hirsh Precision

Bringing over 20 years of manufacturing experience to our team, we are excited to announce Annette Siverling as our new Director of Quality at Hirsh Precision.

Blog - Employee Spotlight_ Ben Nikkel
Updates Blog

Employee Spotlight: Ben Nikkel named 2022 Emerging Leader

Director of Materials Management and Customer Service Ben Nikkel has been named one of Production Machining's Emerging Leaders of 2022!

Blog - Upskilling Culture
Workforce Blog

Cultivating a Culture of Upskilling in Manufacturing

Addressing the skills gap is a significant challenge that all manufacturers are facing. As technology rapidly evolves, the demand for new skills is increasing, while the availability of a skilled workforce is decreasing. It's never been more critical for manufacturers to create and maintain a culture that upskills their workforce.

Blog - Digitizing Workforce Communications
Manufacturing technology Blog

Digitizing Workforce Communications: A Key to Manufacturing Success

As the manufacturing industry continues to undergo rapid innovation, effective and strategic workforce communication is more critical than ever for manufacturers who want to scale their operations, control the quality of their product, and remain competitive.

Blog - Accelerating Innovation
Engineering Blog

Accelerating Innovation: A New Era of Manufacturing Practices

Design engineers are innovating at an impressively fast rate, and manufacturers must depart from conventional manufacturing practices to keep pace and support industry-leading OEMs without compromising quality

PR - Hirsh announces Expansion
Updates Press release

Hirsh Precision announces Expansion to 65,000 Square Foot Industrial Facility

Introducing our remarkable venture into a sprawling 65,000 square foot facility, poised to become the location for our world-class manufacturing headquarters.


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