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Certifications ISO 13485:2016 | AS9100D | ITAR | FDA Registered | CAGE Code 5TTR7 

CNC Machining
Precision machining for aerospace, medical, and industrial sectors

CNC Machining

From milling, turning, mill-turn, and flexible manufacturing solutions, our CNC machining capabilties are more than up to the challenge of your most complex parts and tight tolerances. Paired with our lights-out automated manufacturing solutions, our team is ready to take you from product development to full-scale, high-volume production.

CNC milling on-page
3-, 4, and 5-axis capabilities

CNC Milling Services

Our CNC milling technology crafts intricate 3D designs through the use of advanced 3-, 4- and 5-axis capabilities. Such multi-axis precision not only broadens the range of possible products but also enhances their accuracy and consistency.

CNC turning on-page
Lathes, Swiss machines and bar feeders

CNC Turning Services

We harness the most advanced and superior technology for our CNC turning operations. Spread across multi-turret turning centers and Swiss machines, and enabled by live tooling and bar feeders, our CNC turning solutions provide the quantities, quality, and prices you need. 

Fastems on-page
24-7 lights-out production, setup elimination

Flexible Manufacturing Solutions

Our multi-machine flexible manufacturing solutions enable high-mix machining for high-volume production. Spread across two Fastems systems, seven 5-axis mills, and over 100 pallets, we can support orders in the 100s and 1000s, as well as develop processes that reduce setups, decrease cycle times, improve quality, and cut down on costs. 

Service & Performance Categories

Simplify your procurement

CNC Machines

Operation OEM Model Axis Count
Turning Okuma LT2000EX 8/11
LT200MY 4
LU 15-M 2
LU 15 2
DMG Mori NLX 2500SY 4
Tsugami S20-C Mark 7
S 206II 8
BE 20 Mark V 5
Milling Okuma MB400H 4
MU-4000V 5
MB-56VA 5
MX-45VAE 4
MF-46VA 3
DMG Mori DMU 60 eV0 5
Brother C-32BN 5
Mazak VCN 10C-11 3/4
Mill-Turning Okuma Multus B250II 7
DMG Mori NTX 1000 7

Inspection Equipment

  • CMM
    • Zeiss Contura (3)
    • Zeiss Duramax 
  • Microscopes 
  • On-machine probes for workpiece measurement 
  • Optical comparators 
  • Vision systems 



  • ISO 13485:2016
  • AS9100D


  • EU RoHS
  • EU Conflict Minerals Disclosure
  • ITAR

Post-Machining Operations

  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Crest cleaning (work envelop of 20 x 12.5 x 9)
  • Heat Treat
    • Work envelop of 11 x 24 x 21
    • 17-4 to H900 
  • Rotary grit blast
  • Vibratory debur 
  • Laser marking 



  • Aluminum 
  • Mild steels 
  • Stainless steels 
  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Copper alloys
  • Cast iron
  • Nickel 
  • High temperature alloys (non-titanium) 


  • Medical-grade plastics 
  • General plastics 


  • CAD Systems - 3D
  • CAM programming software
  • CMM programming software
  • ERP software 
  • Job estimation software 
  • SPC/Quality management software 
  • Toolpath simulation/verification software

Additional Capabilities

Optimize your design for production

Design for Manufacturability

Our feedback process increases product quality, shortens lead times, and keeps customer costs low by optimizing your product and automating the production process whenever possible. 

When you partner with our team, you get more than a machined part. You're collaborating with us to create a unique manufacturing solution that's optimized for your needs.

Built in, not inspected out

Quality Control

We deliver industry-leading levels of quality by using best-in-class inspection technology, continuously improving our QMS, and aligning our practices with international quality standards. 

Our compliance, systems, and processes allow us to carefully and responsibly meet our customers' needs with industry-leading levels of excellence.

Quality Control 02
Mechanical and electro-mechanical

Complex Assembly

With our ISO 13485:2016 and AS9100 certified facilities, we supply complete finished device assembly for the medical device, aerospace, and industrial sectors. 

Our mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly services free up our customers' time, personnel, and resources so they can focus on what matters most.

Complex Assembly
Simplify your procurement

Inventory Monitoring

We combine our ERP, a seamless quoting system, and our proprietary manufacturing software to supply proactive inventory monitoring and management. 

Our inventory management solutions are an efficient, cost-effective way to ensure you never go without parts, avoid lead times, and help you deliver your product or service with the shortest turnaround time possible.

Inventory Monitoring
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