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Material Sourcing Services eliminate Supply Chain Disruption

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Customer's Industry 


Key Manufacturing Services

Vendor management, material research and sourcing


Our customer encountered a supply chain disruption for a plastic resin, which threatened the production, sales, and in-field maintenance of a scientific instrument


We procured a suitable replacement for the material that the customer was not aware of prior to the shortage, eliminating any disruptions to the annual production schedules and meeting in-field servicing needs

Key Benefits

Eliminated risk to production or service operations on in-field units

Increased throughput to support higher demand

No disruption to the product's revenue streams

Access to Hirsh's strong supplier network

The Customer’s Problem

*for confidentiality reasons, we do not name our customers in our case studies

In recent years, no industry has been spared supply chain disruptions. Our customer, a biotechnology company that designs and manufactures a unique scientific instrument, experienced a supply chain disruption to one of their products, which threatened shipment and field service delays.

This product is a complex, high-speed, and precise instrument that is widely used by the scientific R&D communities. We support its production by machining a part cut from a plastic material that could no longer be sourced. Not only is this plastic component critical to the completed product’s functionality, but as this component experiences normal wear and tear in the field, end users must also order this part to ensure the instrument’s day-to-day operational integrity.

From design to final assembly, a significant amount of work goes into this product, but a supply chain disruption of a single plastic was enough to potentially derail its production, distribution, and sales.

The Hirsh Solution

When Hirsh discovered the material shortage, we proactively sourced a suitable replacement material on our customer’s behalf, eliminating the need for them to divert their resources to resolve the issue themselves.

Once the replacement material was tested and approved by our customer, we completed a prototype run of parts with this new material to ensure the end-use component functioned properly.

Customer Benefits

Within three weeks, our team identified the replacement material, procured it for our customer’s in-house testing, and machined a prototype run with this new material without our customer having to put forth any of their own resources. Production and in-field servicing for this product resumed as normal.

Additionally, our customer had access to our extensive supplier network. Because we treat our suppliers like partners, we have very strong relationships that allow us to procure material quickly.

We also secured other benefits for our customer, including:

  • Resolve a common supply chain constraint
  • Save our customer from using their own time and resources to solve this problem
  • Procure an alternate material that our customer was not aware of prior to the shortage
  • Ensure they experienced no downtime or decrease in sales


Hirsh Precision prides itself on being more than a precision machining company; our goal is to be a total manufacturing solution provider for our customers.

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